Cat eating corn.

I keep going back to this video, because there’s just something irresistably cute about this cat enjoying corn on the cob. Push play or go to YouTube. -via Cynical-C

We've got a cat that goes absolutely NUTS over corn. But on the husks. He'll totally freak out when its corn season and we bring any groceries into the house. I'll have to get one of those newfangled "digital video camera" things and post the carnage.
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I had a cat once that would eat potatoes. She stole them from the cupboard. But she didn't like the peels, so she would bite tiny pieces of peel off and leave them for us to find as "evidence".

If the corn was buttered, my current cats would go to town like this one.
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My cat is like "The Slapster"'s, she goes crazy when corn is brought in the house, and loves them with the husks on. We have to put them in the fridge and then every time someone opens it she tries to get inside to eat some.
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But today is not caturday...

All my cats goes crazy for olives ( You need to wash the oil and remove the little red pimento from the middle first because those are not good for cats ) they go crazy like if it was catnip or something.

I had an alcholic cat once. Everytime I was drinking a beer he was sitting next to me and everytime I spilled some on the floor he was licking it.
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We had a cat who loved peas so much he would come running inside if he smelled them cooking. He would salivate and make a citter sound. Another cat liked cantalouple so much he would eat through the rind.
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I have a kitten that was hand-raised and is now two months old, and who goes simian excrement for human food. When he was just getting his teeth, we learned that he loved corn off the cob. We went to an Asian grocery on Saturday, and I bought various nummies, including dumplings filled with red bean paste. I had some of these for breakfast. Little guy just about shredded my legs trying to get to these. He also loves mochi, as it turns out.
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