The Rota Period.

Jim Rota took the standard periodic table of the elements and broke it into 12 columns to make it easier to understand.
There are several unique structural things about the Rota Period that make it easy to understand and use:

1. It uses 12 columns (groups).
2. The 5+, 6+, 7+, and 8+ elements are not classified into groups V, VI, VII and VIII (or IUPAC 5, 6, 7, 8). This gives these elements their own unique position in the periodic table.
3. It uses the horizontal and vertical of the page to displace elements. This allows ALL elements to have a unique position (if/when necessary).
4. It is based upon showing valences, not orbitals.

Which makes it easier to understand if you know more about chemistry than I do. He sent this in response to my humor post about chemistry at Miss Cellania, but I knew it would find a wider audience here. Link -Thanks, Jim!

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Scientists are continually regrouping and reclassifying data. I'm trying to identify all the plants that grow where I live and there are so many different ways to classify them. The olders books are different than the new ones. It's confusing at times but the newer classifications are sometimes necessesary as we gain new knowledge.
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