No Shirt, No Shoes, No Arms, No Service!

Although she was born with no arms, Dawn Larson has learned to lead a full life and can even drive using her feet. She's never had any problem in public, until McDonald refused to serve her:

Normally, Larson first gives the cashier her debit card to pay for the order and then grabs the food and drink with both feet.

But at McDonald's she said they took her money at one window but wouldn't give her the food at the next window. Larson says she felt degraded.

"I reached my foot out the window to grab the food," says Larson. "She set the food down, raised her hands up really high in the air and slammed them down on the counter. This was like violently."

"'I am not doing this,' she screamed that at me, 'Absolutely not doin' this.'"

The restaurant offered her a $10 gift certificate. She then contacted a lawyer and two months later experienced the same thing at a different Rockford McDonald's.

Link - via Weird Daily

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People born without arms adapt very well to using their feet just as well... she wouldn't have any more trouble with reaction times than you or I. Maybe even better, since her feet are able of both hands AND feet. Those must be some super feet!

I just don't get their logic... what's wrong with serving food into someone's feet? What else is she going to do? What's their reasoning? What other things do they find so disgusting that it stops them giving someone service?
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4 million is way to low. McD is a multi billion dollar company. They need to learn their lesson and the only way they will is if you take a good chunk of profit from them
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She probably has a specially designed vehicle to give her access to the brake and gas on the dashboard. I wouldn't expect her to have to move her foot from the wheel to the floor for gas or brake. Also, she must have passed a driving test to be able to have a lisence at all.
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