Touchless Toilet Paper Dispenser for Public Bathrooms

Kimberly-Clark is "crossing the final touchless restroom frontier" by making the first electronic bath tissue toilet paper dispenser.

After the no-touch faucet, soap and hand towel dispensers, it's a natural progression of bathroom gadgetry, if you think about it.

Link not working, but you get the idea - Thanks Karen!

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Are people becoming more germaphobic, or is being cautious of germs more acceptable these days? I never used to consider myself squemish about germs but there are some definite things I won't touch willingly.

For me: Public Restrooms #1 gross place (every part inside. yuck.), motel/hotel rooms #2 (phone, remote, and comforter that rarely get cleaned), grocery stores #3 (Shopping cart handle, checkout pens, and card readers)

The irony of it all? I love swimming in rivers, and love the outdoors (ticks, biting bugs, etc), and love picking wild fruit and nibbling them straight from the vine (mmm blackberries!) So natural germs don't bother me. Dunno why.
The germs of "possibly sick" strangers though? eeeeek. :P
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my local coffee shop has had this no touch machine for a least 6 months-it seems to work great-
also paul,-if you dont want to touch the door handle-use the paper towel to open the door-then throw in trash-niceclean hands:)
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