Computing the Volume of a Cat.

How do you compute the volume of a cat?

Dunking it in water doesn't work-- you only get the volume of the rat-like creature that lives inside the cat; much like the feeble alien within a Dalek. (And, if your answer had anything to do with contour integrals, get real.)

Find out how Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories did it, and the volume of this cat. Link

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Schrödinger's Cat Box . . . poop or no poop ..... that's the question.


Wit the recient NSA funding cuts, local students are asked to pretend they can and cannot see the cat.
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Yeah, the Dalek that you're familiar with is actually the mobile battlesuit. The actual Dalek rides around inside. Don't get cocky, though - Daleks are very deadly even without their armor as several members of UNIT have found out.
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- put cat in blender
- pop the question "will it blend, that is the question?"
- press the button... "yes it blends!"
- pour the cat in the measuring cup

et voila!

do not try this at home kids. Rather at the neighbors!

I love
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Final instructions / last steps:

- close box with packing tape
- make a few holes using sharp pencil (can be the one with the seed!)
- add mailing stamp
- write random address
- mail box
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