NASA Installs $19 Million Toilet on the ISS, Won't Let Russians Use it.

NASA is installing a fancy new $19 million toilet on the International Space Station, but it isn't letting the Russians use it!

Tension is bound to flare over the $19 million toilet NASA purchased from Russian aerospace firm RCS Energia, as only half of the International Space Station will enjoy the upgrade—the American side. The toilet justifies its steep price by being able to recycle urine as drinkable water, Waterworld-style.

The Russian half of the station is stuck with the old latrine. They'll have to continue to load up one of their unmanned cargo vessels with boxes of their leftovers and send it to burn up in the atmosphere, which is pretty much the equivalent of flushing right now in space.


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SVH is right. This is just the typical Anti-American propaganda. Oh well ... it is lonely at the top and when your #1 in just about every economic area the jealousy abounds.

Ask yourself this question. Who offerers humanitarian assistance to any county, friend or foe, when it is needed???

Who offered the US assistance after Katrina?
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Typical twisting of the tory headlines. If you follow the links back to the source ( you will fine NO REFERENCE to not allowing the russians to use the toilet. In fact the station originally had only one toilet which everyone used. The second link took liberty with the story and said "....don't let russians use it". Yet nowhere does the sorce say that. This site runs with the ball and contines the falsehood.
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the main reason this is off limits for the russian side is because they keep bringing space tourists into the space station. making it a joke for the other participants who paid more than $25 million to send their scientists into space. the russian space program is a joke.
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