Although you might be tired of internet image macros, death metal or black metal band publicity photos lend themselves to some pretty strange captions. The link at the end of the article will take you to more images. Link -via Look at This

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Haha, Steven, thanks for making me underline the disclaimer on the second paragraph.

Wow Neatorama, thanks for the link! Rad to see it here! I love how joyful this silly meme can be, taking all the thunder out of the sails. The great thing is that most of these guys (the metal guys) are just as self-effacing and humorous about it as we are when we view them. It's a great study in social strata, if you want to take it waaaay too seriously.

Thanks Neatorama (and Miss Cellania specifically!)
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Awesome. I recognised some of those pictures from a top ten list of worst black metal band pictures. Funny, funny stuff.
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Psssst... this mistake happens all the time. Slayer is neither death nor black metal. They're thrash. Thrash metal. It's akin to calling Daft Punk house music.

Wikipedia on death metal:

Wikipedia on black metal:

and finally, Wikipedia on thrash metal:
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