Stars and Stripes Forever.

Despite the way they are dressed, these guys are pretty good. What, you didn’t know this song had words? Push play or go to YouTube. YesButNoButYes has this and eight other eclectic version of Stars and Stripes Forever, including hand fart, ukulele, and electric guitar. Link

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Oh! Man!

I love Barbershop Quartet. Used to sing it myself back in the '70s.

This is a great example of close-harmony, a cappella singing.

Ted: That was not a falsetto. Generally, the group consists of a Bass, Baritone, Tenor, and Counter Tenor.

That high voice is the Counter Tenor, which overlaps with the female Alto.

My only complaint with the video is that it was very hard to hear the Bass (which I sing).
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I've just realised how incredibly stupid I am.
I thought this was the American national anthem.
But I've realised that the anthem is something else...
What is that song called?
I know its really difficult to sing (we've done it in choir before). Also as anthems go its a pretty good one. We have the boring "God save the Queen".
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Mossel isn't just smugly superior, he's also ill-informed. I've lived for several years in a handful of different European countries (and traveled extensively in many more) and I can say that blatant nationalism exists everywhere -- except, perhaps, in Germany, where they seem to be a bit more sensitive to the dangers of excessive flag-waving.

And as a point of disclosure, I am an American, and displays of nationalism always leave a bad taste in my mouth.
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Mossel, you were so busy acting smugly superior, you missed the best part.

I'm not American. I'm educated. I thought it was enjoyable - albeit a fashion disaster.

The only thing was the falsetto guy started creeping me out with his voice. He must use safety pins - you figure it out.
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