More fuel for the UFO mystery fire

If you recall, in May a number of alleged UFO photos started showing up on the internet. These pics were given coverage here, at Boing Boing and elsewhere. I thought the story had faded away until I encountered this site today: My experience with the CARET Program and Extra-Terrestrial Technology.

The entire affair is, in my own humble opinion, a brilliant hoax. The story that is told is worthy of some of the best science fiction and the document scans and photos that accompany it look and feel "real" for the most part. If there is one standout flaw within the scanned documents it is in the introductory passages in the "QA-86 Research Report" which comes off to this former technical writer as a bullshit vehicle for seeding buzzwords into the story and not as anything truly informative.

Your opinion may differ. What do you think? [Link to site]

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I had access to a laser printer in 1986. They certainly would have access to one at a well-funded Silicon Valley operation. (That's not to say that I don't think this is a hoax - I most certainly do.)
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artbot is 100% right. I'm not sure how people can look at any of these images without knowing they are CG renderings. It astounds me that this has gone as far as it has and people are still commenting that it could be real...
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I am convinced this is a hoax - and suggested it on Digg when the story first came out - for two reasons:

1) The "Quarterly Reports" sounded more like "evidence" and "proof" of said crafts rather than actual reports on the gains made in that period. Meaning, they used the "reports" to make the story work, citing history, technology, etc.

2) The photos show the craft near power poles or satellite dishes, which plays easily into the "disrupted invisibility" thing.

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I'm not convinced that "Halo 3" is the answer here. The discussion you and others have pointed to doesn't make that case a slam dunk. I'm also not convinced that that flash animation thing is necessarily associated with the UFO pics.

As I mentioned before, by no stretch of the imagination do I believe that these UFOs are real or that there was actually a secret company established in Palo Alto to research extraterrestrial technology.

Regardless of the source of all this information, it's a brilliant hoax.
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"More fuel for the UFO mystery fire"

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