Fireworks Hand Wounds: Why You Should Leave Fireworks to the Pros.

Casey (who sent us the recluse spider bite post a while ago) is doing it again: this time, I'll post this up as a public notice on the dangers of playing with fireworks. I have a cousin who could have easily lost his foot in a fireworks accident.

Please leave the fireworks extravaganza to the professionals: Link (Warning: graphic images of wounds) - Thanks Casey!

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i have just pulled my 2 little girls in from outside because bigger lads were messing with fireworks i found these pics and showed my girls and i dont think they will ever play with them thank you for the pics to show them it really will work
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When I was growing up, my dad wouldn't let us shoot off fireworks, or go to fireworks shows (the former because of the danger, the latter because he thought they were a waste of money). He took us to a "Fire Museum" and we saw some pretty graphic photos of burns and other injuries (many of them on kids) that had happened when people were playing unsafely with fireworks.

As an adult, I still don't have any desire to play with them. I enjoy watching professional shows, but I guess my dad's teachings really rubbed in. It just seems like too easy (and stupid) a way to hurt yourself. Then again, it could be Darwin's law in action.
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The scary part is "professional" fireworks are actually more dangerous. I saw an experiment done to determine the feasability of "safe bunkers" from land/sea steel shipping containers - so the "professionals" can run for cover if something goes wrong.

Turns out, a 10 inch shell has plenty enough velocity to rip clean through one side of a steel shipping container, and then blow up on the inside.
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A good friend of mine lost about half of one of his hands back in the late 80s shooting off (illegal) fireworks in Flagstaff, Arizona. At the time, he made up a story about what happened to his hand, but ultimately he 'fessed up. All his friends gave him a lot of grief about it, of course. Not smart, people. Leave it to the experts.
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