Rolling Water Container.

We take running water for granted, but millions of people in the developing world are forced to carry buckets of water home (sometimes from miles away). Innovation like this Q Drum rolling container makes their lives a little easier. - via Development Crossing

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This tank was developed by Heifer International to help people who have nothing. All of the talk about wagons and such sound like people who have things. A wagon and a bucket will spill as much as it carries, and the wagon would be stolen anyway. Ropes, vines, almost anything can be used to pull this, and I'm sure that if a stick would help they will discover that very quickly. But, a good portion of a woman's time in that part of the world is spent gathering firewood too, assuming there is wood to be had instead of dried dung, so do we devote firewood to do the job, or just use a rope? This is a great idea and has help thousands of poor people transport their water.
Check out Heifer International for more info.
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Bill has inadvertantly pointed out another solid benefit, if you follow that same path to the water each day the roller tank will keep the weeds off the path! Over time the earth of the path would become ncely compacted, making it more resistant to becoming muddy and a better-smoother surface to walk on.

The poor boy does need a stick of some kind, to make the pulling easier, a broom handle would probably do the trick, threaded through the centre of the drum, with the rope tied on.
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Well the idea is good! Isn't that what wagons etc are good for?

The problems I see are the rope moves around the inside increasing friction and shortening the life of the rope.

The container is not one currently in common production so more costly to produce.

The container is rolling on the ground trampling all plants in its paths and risking puncture on all objects in the path.

Some ideas are best to not implement.
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