Archive for June 30th, 2007

Play My Game.

Link: PlayMyGame At the site Play My Game, you can put yourself into a videogame! Upload a picture, choose from five games (boxiong, iDance, SuperMe, Cake Fight, or Birthday), and create an embeddable player. This is Su...


A tuxedo made of wine corks? That’s a corkxedo! 891 Corks Total 686 Corks in the Jacket 181 Corks in the Top Hat 24 Corks in the Cane More than 240 Wineries Represented Total Weight: Merely 15...

There is Justice After All: $54 Million Pants Lawsuit Thrown Out.

The $54 million pants (Photo: Jacquelyn Martin/AP)Here's an update on the case of the $54 million pants, which we posted before:A Washington, D.C., judge Monday threw out a $54 million lawsuit against a dry cleaner a...

World's Smallest School.

The world's smallest school, an elementary school in China, has just one teacher and one student: He explained: "At first, the school had more than 400 students, but in the '90s, more and more families migrated...

Mount Rushmore, the Cheddar Version.

Troy Landwehr did his own version of Mount Rushmore with 700-pound block of cheddar cheese! (Photo: M.P. King/Post-Crescent)

Pygmy Hippo Baby.

Meet Aldo, a 3-week-old pygmy hippo:Anais, the mother hippo, keeps an eye on its son Aldo, a three-week-old pygmy hippopotamus, (Choeropsis Liberiensis), at the Vincennes zoo, outside Paris, Tuesday, June 26, 2007. A...

Zebra + Horse + Giraffe = Zoraffe?

Actually, it is called an Okapi, and isn't a crossbread at all (but certainly looks like one). The Okapi is a rather anti-social member of the giraffe family that only lives in the rainforests of the Democratic Repu...


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