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Panda Breakout.

In a fine example of cooperation in the animal kingdom, one panda boosts another to make an escape from their enclosure! Push play or go to YouTube. -via Digg

¿Where went the Panda?

I thought that he would appear near of the laughters.

Speaking about Pandas: I love that video:
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i feel sorry for the pandas, for being kept in a small confined area... they shoulda let them be in an outdoor cage instead of a small box indoors
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I'm sorry, but I just find that very sad.
That enclosure looks very small and these pandas are visibly desperate to escape.
I wish you took more care in evaluating some of these animal videos which show cruelty which is often mistaken for humour (such as the squirrel catpult video).
I love your site, but disagree with these postings.
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I have very mixed feelings about zoos. On the one hand, I would prefer that all animals run free in their natural habitat. On the other hand, some animals (pandas, for instance) are desperately endangered and will go extinct without zoos. Additionally, people viewing animals up close makes them more real and therefore more worthy of support.
This video shows that pandas are more than just poor, cute fuzzy animals that need our wuv and pity. They can think for themselves and take advantage of opportunities.
We also don't know what the enclosure is like off camera, so judging the zoo based on this is premature.
Also, if you don't like this site (and the things posted on it) stay away. Don't come here to tell us how awful we are for enjoying it.
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Don't be illogical, Steph. This video obviously doesn't do justice to the size and quality of the full enclosure. Zoos are under strict regulations to make pens humane and to emulate the animals' natural habitats. Furthermore, most zoos are forced to keep their animals in indoor enclosures during the cold part of the year. Pandas can't survive in unheated climates.
I doubt these animals feel the "desperation" you attribute to them. Like many mammals, they are no more than naturally inquisitive. Keep in mind that for pandas, like many endangered species, zoos are on the front line preventing extinction.
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I agree 110% with Steph. However everyone is entitled to their opinions.

My opinion in that this was a very sad video. Although there are merits to the mission of most Zoo’s it broke my heart to see these pandas attempting an escape and to hear laughter over what I think is a serious matter. Either way you must admit these animals are not happy.

As for not being adapted to cold climates, well Panda’s are from China and are not meant to live in other places, so that is totally unfounded. As for Zoo's under strict regulations, this does not apply to all Zoo's... I remember a horrible experience of a zoo in Cuba when I was quite young, not to mention the horrible reality of “dancing bears”, which granted has stopped, but after all many places are not like US & Canada in rules and regulations...

Either way I do believe these animals felt desperation, they do not understand their circumstance, only that they are in a concrete alien world. I myself would rather face death than be confided to a cage all my life. I commend Neatorama for all their posts, although I do not particularly like this one, it still brings an interesting debate and uncovers many opinions. After all opinion, knowledge and free speech is what brings freedom from cruelty.
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Don't anthropomorphize.

The panda could have just been curious, could have smelled something compelling on the other side of the wall.
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Something has been bothering me lately... and that is the c"that's not neat, why is it on neatorama" posts i've been seeing. "neat" is relative. I find a post about a cute animal or a piece of artwork as interesting and "neat" as I found the post about the Sword killing contest. They were both educational and interesting in different, yet valid, ways. Variety is the spice of life. Just because you only find positive, happy, or cute subjects 'neat' doesnt mean the rest of us out here dont want to learn about the uglier side of life.

And I agree, the squirrel video was slightly cruel. But would you feel the same way if they had flung a big ugly sewer rat dripping with disease and sores? Probably not. The hipocracy from the PETA crowd is simply staggering.
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The escapee panda is Tai Shan (peaceful mountain), being given a helping paw up by his mother. At the time he was resident in the Washington national zoo. After 10 years, he goes back to china for a breeding program. The bit you see in the video is their den which is supposed to be a cave, somewhere to sleep and a place for suckling (pandas suckle for 2 years). The room you see is just the indoor exhibit space and there is a yard just outside with trees etc to climb. has a panda-cam so you can spy on them. He even gets out in the snow etc. Whilst any animals kept in zoos are hardly ideal, this seems to be one of the better examples of a habitat (and I'm not american). If you want to do something useful about animal welfare, petition your korean embassy about the treatment of dogs prior to their slaughter.
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