It Came from the Sixties.

Threadbared has an amusing collection of goofy sixties fashion shots. In this one the model really does look like she's about to throw up. I don't remember nausea being a fashion statement of the era, but I was young at the time.

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I agree with fluff. While the styles are obviously outdated, the poses and photography don't strike me as either abnormal or all that different from modern fashion shoots.
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oh gee, the sixties? wow they really knew how to wear clothes back then. today? today sucks. the sun shined a better color of yelloworange in the sixties. oh my parents were from the sixities, let me wear sunglasses all huge like my stoned idiot parents did.

i have a.d.d because they dropped acid. oh my mom travelled on airplanes before reagan made it something every mouth breathing peasant could do. the sixties, blah, blah, the sixties, too bad when our kids decide to go "retro" they'll just end up crying.
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