Geometry in Real Life: What's Better Two 8-Inch Pizzas or One 12-Inch Pizza?

Which is a better deal, two 8" pizza or one 12" pizza?

Here's a story of how geometry saved a guy some money (and who says you'll never use math in real life?)

Link - via Miss Cellania (Photo from Matt McGee [Flickr])

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Newest 5 Comments, you still need pi. Here's why: area is pi*(radius^2), so...

The area of the 12 inch pizza is pi*(6^2) = 36pi
The area of the 8 inch pizza is pi*(4^2) = 16pi, but there's two of them, so total area = 2* 16 pi, so it's 32 pi.

The difference between the two is 36pi - 32pi = 4pi. That's roughly 4x3 or 12 square inch of pizza pie, not 4.

Dave is right in terms of crust, the two 8" pizza pies will have more crust than the 12" pie.
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It's easier than that, you don't even need to use Pi at all. 8^2 + 8^2 = 128 vs 12^2 = 144. The one pizza is bigger by 16^0.5 = 4 square inches (the square root of 144-128).
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