Was Stonehenge a Round Building?

Professional puzzle inventor (apparently, there is such a thing) Bruce Bedlam has created a scale model of what he thought Stonehenge should look like: a round building revolving around the number 3:

He believes that the Wiltshire monument was created with a large, domed roof made from wood and covered in wooden tiles.

Bruce believes the siting was significant and the sun would enter the interior at every solstace through one of the ten doors.

The enormous interior would have been illuminated at various times of the day and every part of the building was correlated around the number three.

The theory suggests that beams were used to create a roof that came to a point above the monument.

They were held together in place by gravity and the shape would have been accousticaly perfect, according to Bruce.

Link - Thanks mikolka!

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This is incredibly weak thinking. He says, "I... came to the conclusion that Stonehenge must have been a building - and why not?" And why not? Coming up with some random scenario and saying "why not?" hardly constitutes a solution.
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I,ve been stonehenge a few times,at the free festivals of yore and my theory is that it was designed by dogs so that in the future thier "Masters" would gather enmasse to facilitate a huge canine dog orgy!Seriosly thay always looked like they were have more fun that the crusty hippes and druids who gathered to "Worship" the "Sun"!!!
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They have carbon dated the rocks. That doesn't help telling us who and when they were put there. This solution is a very real possibility. I've always thought that it might have just been a couple of hundred years old, and was a barn or house.
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They wouldn't be likely to find any large beams due to rot over the years. If lucky you can dig up a posthole and notice the change in soil.
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