You're looking at a 5-passenger prototype SeaPhantom ground-effect boat, by David Borman. The prototype uses only a small outboard motor to reach 70 mph (a larger motor can get it up to 100+ mph).

Here's the SeaPhantom in action:

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube]

"Ground effect" [wiki] seems familiar, huh? - if you're wondering whether you've read it on Neatorama before, you'd be right. See Bigger is Better: 7 Insane Soviet Projects (#3 the Ekranoplan)

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Fight Terror? Well, wasn't my idea, I just built the thing to survive... But I can tell you that 1/2" of carbon fiber (five-times the strength of steel -Lb./Lb.), 1/4" kevlar skins, wraped around a honey-comb core, in a high-performance vynilester resin, re-enforced w/ heavy 6061 T-6 internal structural box-beams (also wraped in another 1/4" Kevlar)... And any terrorist you might run-across, short of one hiding in a battleship... you will cut him in half... and that's un-armed... I know I wouldn't want to be chased down by one of these things... it'll eat fiberglass like a morning crumpet... I used to build 50cal. resistant panels: @ likely shallow strike angles, I doubt that 50cal. rounds would penetrate either... Blast deflection's pretty good too, probably take direct hit by anti-tank round to take it out... Fight terror? Don't send me out in an open inflatable.
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