Photographer Michael Wolf has been featured on Neatorama before. His latest project opens in exhibit June 30 in San Francisco.
Shek Kip Mei Estate, Hong Kong's oldest public housing estate, is composed of 100 rooms, each closet-like in size at only 100 square feet and built in response to a devastating fire in the 1950s that left thousands homeless. In a new series of photographs called "100 x 100," Michael Wolf captures the residents of this housing complex who are almost enveloped by the diminishing space around them, their belongings stacked to the ceiling.

Link to story. Link to image gallery. -via All Night Surfing

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Wow, a 100 x 100 space? C'mon, is that really hard? It's called college. 2 guys + 2 girlfriends = family of 4. We even had a hot tub. Pansies.
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It's interesting to see how different people modify the same environment space. Some of the rooms are very cluttered, while others are comfortably organized. Still others are severely sparse.

Almost all rooms have been modified in some way to make them more functional. Shelves are mounted on the walls, or wires are stretched across to create laundry lines. Electrical outlets are multiplied, and appliances are added.

When I look at these different rooms, I wonder what can be done to make them inherently more functional. For instance, can sturdy anchors be integrated into the walls during construction, allowing residents to mount shelves, television sets or other enhancements without damage to the structure? Can the air vents be designed to accomodate covers, eliminating the need for adhesive tape? Can electrical services be designed that let residents plug in many appliances, but only actually supply power to those appliances that are in use at the time, thus preventing overloaded circuits while maintaining convenience?

As cities are populated at higher densities, especially in high population/low rent districts, such considerations may help create more humane residences.
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