It's Hot, Hot, Hot: Temperature Anomaly Chart.

I don't know if you think global warming is real or not - all I know is that the weather is too darned hot, and all indications are that this summer will be really hot.

The National Climatic Data Center's weather report shows that May was one of the hottest and driest springs in record: Link

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i am only 12 years old and way smarter than most of the people on this site. global warrming is not happining . god promised to nerver flood the world again. who carees about polar bears
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it's interesting that more energy is spent debating is/isn't happening instead of making solutions. Not just global warming, but being a better person who doesn't have such a destructive enviornmental impact. & I too was taught the ice age was coming again, thus I find the gloabal warming thing hard to believe. I just try and live gently. Nature will cycle.
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Jimbo is dead on. I was in grade school in the 1970s and our (ahem) "science" teachers warned us that the Earth was cooling. It's true, they insisted! "Scientists had studied gobs of data, ice cores, glacier samples, etc. and determined that we were headed for an Ice Age." Brrrr!

It's a major crock of ship that a lot of folks are getting rich off of. How about those charlatans selling "carbon credits" (nothing more than carbon indulgences, really!) so they can ease their guilty consciences? It's a major scam.

Fortunately, the US recognized Kyoto as the fraud that it was and never signed on. I'm not quite so sure how the Red Chinese and Indians were able to bamboozle the Europeans so easily. While Europe agrees to limit its "carbon footprint", Red China is building 2,000 (yes, two THOUSAND) coal-fired power plants. If you are among those who sip the global warming Kool-Aid go complain to the Chocoms, not the U.S.

Straight talk from Sid.
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I love how people get facts wrong. For those who didn't watch the video, (and I knew you didn't want to know the truth), I remember the 70's. After a 30 year cooling period, they were concerned about Global Cooling.

I was there, and I live through it. Junk Science has been around for years. Remember when they thought that cigarettes were good for you? They were looking at flawed data, just like the global warming cult does today.
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well the main problem with global "warming" is that it's really not all warming at alex said, there are more EXTREMES. I have never heard an intelligent argument against the fact that humans are impacting the environment to the point that it's becoming FAR more extreme than before; almost every single naysayer only attacks the "warming"...which is NOT our only problem.
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