Chinese Clinics Let Patients Walk Around with IVs.

To save bed space, clinics in a Chinese city in Guizhou province are letting people walk the street with their IV infusions. And that's not the weirdest thing about it: the patients are actually happier that way!

The move, in Zhijin town, Guizhou province, has reportedly proved popular with patients as it means they can go about their business.

The sight of patients doing their shopping while clutching their drips has become common in the town, reports China News Network.

"There are dozens of small clinics in town, and they are competing to give better service," said one patient.

"The clinics are also happy, since they get more free space."


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I saw the same thing when I lived in Korea. Even at very good hospitals, if you are ambulatory you are expected to walk around the hospital to get your tests done with your IV slung over shoulder. I actually liked it after a while because it gives the patient a lot more freedom instead of being more or less chained to the bed.
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I lived in a suburb of Busan, South Korea for about 4 years. Korea, at least compared to the US, thinks nothing of giving you an IV for something as slight as a nasty cold. Usually, it's just a glucose drip ("pododang"). The nature of Korean business districts is such that you'll have upwards of twenty or thirty different businesses in a single 6-story building--everything from a health club, bakery, internet cafe, doctor's office, tae kwon do studio or bar.

Thus, rather than just sit and wait for the IV to empty, people go about their other business and return when it's done. Saw this all the time.
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