Neatest Posts on Boing Boing: June 15, 2007.

Let's take a look at some of the neatest links featured in Boing Boing in the past 7 days:

Ugly Mailbox Blog

Your Ugly Mailbox is a new blog featuring ... you guessed it: amazingly ugly mailboxes from around the world.


Vintage Mexican Music Videos

This is what YouTube is made for (well, besides all those amusing mash-ups):

Even if you do not have a Mexican grannie, you may still enjoy these video clips from the "golden age" of Mexican popular music: boleros, rancheras, huapangos and rumbas from artists who were popular from the '20s through the '50s.


Extreme Japanese Custom Vans

This is "pimp my van" - Japanese style! Check out this neat collection of extreme custom vans at Pink Tentacle: Link

19th Century Weapon Found Embedded in Whale

Fishermen discovered that a whale they'd just caught had an ancient "bomb lance" fragment from the late 1800s:

The bomb lance fragment, lodged a bone between the whale's neck and shoulder blade, was likely manufactured in New Bedford, on the southeast coast of Massachusetts, a major whaling center at that time, Bockstoce said.

It was probably shot at the whale from a heavy shoulder gun around 1890. The small metal cylinder was filled with explosives fitted with a time-delay fuse so it would explode seconds after it was shot into the whale. The bomb lance was meant to kill the whale immediately and prevent it from escaping.

The device exploded and probably injured the whale, Bockstoce said.

"It probably hurt the whale, or annoyed him, but it hit him in a non-lethal place," he said. "He couldn't have been that bothered if he lived for another 100 years."


When Milk Meets Coffee
Irene Müller took a series of stunning photographs of milk splashing into a cup of her morning coffee!


The Computational Engine Steampunk PC Mod
Here's another fantastic steampunk PC case mod: the "Computational Engine" at Datamancer. It comes with its own flatbed scanner ("Opti-Transcripticon") that looks like a big leatherbound book!

Links: Computational Engine | Opti-Transcripticon

Steampunk Office
Just a steampunk computer? scoffs the San Francisco game company Three Rings Design. They've got a whole steampunk office!

The company's loft, in the trendy South of Market district, has been painstakingly outfitted to resemble The Nautilus from Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The offices have an attacking octopus couch, a secret lounge hidden behind a bookcase, captain's quarters and a steampunk bike rack, plus a ton of other Victorian details.

Top 10 Prisons from Around the World
Deputy Dog blog has a neat top 10 list of the strangest, smallest, most beautiful (pictured on the left) and other superlative prisons in the world.


For more of the web's best links, definitely check out the world's best blog: Boing Boing.

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