The Immortal Burger.

Here's a story of a guy who (supposedly) found that after 18 years, fast-food burgers look and taste just like it was made this morning! Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via Miss Cellania

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personally, i hate mcdonalds. havent eaten it in years. But i`m not sure if anyone else noticed that in his list of ingredients he listed almost every ingredient twice so the actual real list is half that big and devastating. Still pretty nasty though..
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After the long list of chemical the little star says "Ingredients taken from the FDA's official report on pesticide residues in American fast food"

So those aren't ingredients. They are pollutants found in some food. You can probably find these in all the food we eat, water we drink and air we breathe.

And for the long conservation, you just need a clean, cool, dry environment. The meat in those McDonalds burger is cooked to death, there is little chance any bacteria survived, and if the air around is dry enough, it will pull the moisture out of it, diminishing the chance of mold growing on it. Also, the salt content is likely to be high and usually is a good deterrent for life.

It's not surprising those burgers survived. Now he should take a bite.
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I dunno about this. I'm in no way a McDonald's fan but it says there's DDT in the burgers. Whilst US McDonald's does buy beef from Mexico and the spraying of DDT on grain crops used for animal feed isn't banned in Mexico, it's a long step to claim there's DDT in Mucky D's burgers. Unless someone can point to an analytical study that found some.......
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Do you really think McDonald's would be in business if their food contained even half of the chemicals people claim it does?

The beef patties are just that. Beef. 100% beef.
Meat rots pretty damn quickly. Try it yourself at home if you don't believe me. Everyone seems to know "someone" who kept a McDonald's cheeseburger for fifteen years. It's an urban myth.
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