Big in Japan: Spam and Egg Sandwich.

Apparently, spam and egg sandwich ("supamu sando") is quite popular in Japan.

A couple months ago, Bunk sent me this advertisement for a Spam Sandwich sold at Freshness Burger, a very popular fast food chain in Japan and South Korea: For about $4 U.S., you can have a big hunk of spam, lettuce, tomato, and an over-easy egg. So yummy, you’ll go “Boing” when you eat it.


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There are weird things in Japan? Who would have thought?

More seriously, there is a Western fascination for asian Cultures, especially for Japan, where they are "modern" like us (with cars and fast food and high rise buildings) and yet they have really different outlook and mentality from us.

Also, Japanese people have a fascination with Western "culture" especially american culture. It goes both ways.

America america, too much coffee.
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"america, america" needs to loosen the bone a little. Oriental culture is different from Western culture and sometimes the contrast makes things amusing (in both direstions!)

I'm quite sure that Japanese parody Americans in humor and media as well -- more power to them! There certainly are stereotypes regarding Americans, and they are free to pick at it with funny news items and bits from US culture. So roosen up and don't be so sensitive!

Straight talk from Sid.
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hey, everybody, let's look at the weird thing from japan, look, isn't it weird? it's nothing like how we see things. this spam thing, it's just more evidence. look at the way they fail to use the english language in a manner that is unintentionally funny to us, oh wait, don't forget to completely divorce yourself of the notion that there is some cultural relevance we don't happen to see. how unintentionally funny this is! how strange! why people? if we treated everything in america with the same kind of lackidaisical silliness then how would our country function? hey everybody, look at the thing from japan! look at it!
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Guam (where i'm from) is the Spam capital of the world. They even created a Spam can to commemorate the liberation of Guam from the Japanese. Check this image:
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