Cardi-Cat Has 26 Toes!

Alison Thomas' cat Des has 26 toes - seven on each of his front paws and six on the back ones:

One expert said cats with extra toes were common in the area around the old county of Cardiganshire and were sometimes known as "Cardi-cats".

An animal with too many toes is called a polydactyl.

Link - Thanks David R!

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i have a cat with 26 toes as well, he is called theo and is ginger which is apaprently even more rare! he too has 6 on each back foot, and 7 on each front foot! i live in Jersey in the Channel Islands (not New Jersey as so many assume) and apparently multi-toed cats are exceedingly common over here as well, two of my frineds also have polydactyl cats!

I like to think that the extra toes make them a little fatter than normal cats, and most importantly, more loving!
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I have a six toed cat and the way the tows grew in the extra toe gave her a thumb. She'll actually use it as a thumb too, to grab on to strings and instead of simply using her claws.

I've been told these were Hemingway cats and common to the New England region by previous vets in the Northeast. Different myth in every town I suppose.
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hey, regarding polydactyl cats, Ernest Hemingway was a collector and breeder of them. Around 60 of them still live at his home in key west, cared for by the museum curators. My friends have a polydactyl cat, and have therefore named him ernie!
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