Cheese Out of Human Breastmilk.

Rani of Indirani blog decided to make something different - cheese from human breast milk. This, however, turned out to be impossible:

It turned out that breast milk can not curdle, because the protein content is lower, and because the protein in breast milk is more easily digested compared to cow's milk. That's why, unmodified cow's milk is unsuitable for babies. And on the other hand, adding acid to further 'digest' breastmilk protein won't curdle the milk.

So, the moral of the story, YOU CANNOT MAKE CHEESE OUT OF BREASTMILK. Don't even try.

But not all hope is lost - there are plenty of other possibilities:

I suppose, making breast milk yogurt / human yogurt would be possible, although I don't think it would be as creamy as cow's milk yogurt. I suppose breast milk yogurt would be really runny. And I think breast milk butter / human yogurt would be possible but you'd need liters and liters of fresh breast milk to start off. Definitely you could make cream soup out of breast milk, and perhaps milk shake and smoothies too. Or as pancake. Many things !

Link - via Random Good Stuff and Boing Boing

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A friend of mine would occasionally mix up "Mother Russias" at parties, which is, of course, a white Russian with breast milk. Surprisingly tasty, though most were too weirded out to try one.
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can i try some of those pancakes?? No. .. seriously.. you shouldn't let whats in the food cloud your judgment of it.... I mean it's a little gross/.. but hey nothing ventured nothing gained..right?
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I want that cat that Thufir Hawat had in the movie version of Dune - the one that he had to milk every day in order to get the antidote to the poison in his system.
"You must milk this smoooth little cat's body!"
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