No Exit: Libertarianism is Anarchy for Rich People.

Do you agree with Andy Singer's panel? Is libertarianism [wiki] just another version of anarchism [wiki], but for property-owners and rich people?

See more of Andy Singer's comics: No Exit.

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Uh, "libertarianism" as a term has existed for centuries. Just because the Americans have corrupted the term to mean minarchism doesn't mean "libertarianism" is for rich people. By definition, everyone who is against authority and hierarchies is a libertarian, if you're using the word as it's always been used. All anarchists are libertarians by definition, because they are against authority and against hierarchy.

It's the Americans who need to stop corrupting the word: it's a perfectly good word.
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They're both anarchist. Though the difference between anarcho-captitalism and anarcho-socialism is pretty clear. All the anarchy means with "without leaders" or without compulsion.
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Most of what's important has already been said by some some commenters but this is a growing and upsetting trend lately started by hardcore lefties:

Marginalizing anything that doesn't fit into their politics. The problem with this type of greed for power and control is that nobody (esp the liberals) are right even 60% of the time but because they act so certain and self-righteous there will be HUGE backlash and we'll probably swing way further to the Right than we've seen in years, and the liberals/democrats may actually have something of value to offer.

But again, the attitude that everything that is not your product is crap will eventually turn your own product into crap when someone tries out something else and sees that it works. The democrats should stick to their issues and co-opt some issues that might help them (drug legalization, for one) and STFU about shit that doesn't concern them.

Misanthropy Today.
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