Making Stem Cells from Regular Skin Cells.

US and Japanese scientists managed to create embryonic stem cells from mouse skin cells through some genetic trickery:

"It's pretty phenomenal," Michael Rudnicki, scientific director of Canada's Stem Cell Network and director of molecular medicine at the Ottawa Health Research Institute, said in an interview.

The skin cells reverted to embryonic stem cells, or a state that the scientists describe as nearly identical to it, after they added four genes to the skin cells. The genes triggered a process that made the cells become "pluripotent" and capable of turning into any type of cell found in the body, which is the hallmark of embryonic stem cells and what makes them so alluring.

"This is very exciting scientifically because these four genes can reprogram any cell, it would seem, to become an embryonic stem cell," says Rudnicki. The technique presents a possible "work around" that could eliminate the need to use embryos to generate cells for regenerative medicine, he says.

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"... could eliminate the need to use embryos to generate cells ...".


There is not, never was, and never will be a "need" to use embryos to generate cells. This so called "use" of the embryo entails the MURDER of the embryo. A human embryo is a human being, a person, with a right to life no less than yours and mine. It doesn't want its stem cells removed, causing its death!

Thank you, God, for helping mankind to find a morally acceptable source of "pluripotent" stem cells, to use in addition to the already phenomenally helpful "adult" stem cells, which have helped cure over seventy diseases (while embryonic stem cells, the product of murder, have cured none).
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