Hermann Mejía's Iraqi Quagmire Chess Set.

Venezuelan artist Hermann Mejía made this "Iraqi Quagmire Chess Set" for MAD Magazine. Check out more details of his artwork on his website: Link [Flash] - Thanks Jack!

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"Only people who hate America so much that they have to make pretentious “art” to express their hatred. How about yourself?"

It's time for your 20 years of influence and mindset to just die. Please. Your frightened little thinking has the distinction of being one of the only generations of mankind that's making the planet worse for those who come after you.

The cold war ended almost 20 years ago, bright eyes. Get on your pony, ride down the beach, and scream like Heston, if it makes you feel better.

In the meantime, realize that some art makes people think. Think!

That thing you do with your brain, not that thing you with the remote control while you sit on your ass, watch Fox News, and bitch about the world in your underwear because you government betrayed you and you want to blame it on them damn "liberals."

You're a fucking idiot. Why not try to make some thought-provoking art yourself? Booger sculptures do not count, except on the Renn and Stimpy cartoons.
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That "talented individual" probably voted for Chavez. No worries, Venezuela's oil production has been on a nosedive due to tHugo socializing the industry. Venezuela will choke on it's faux-communist anti-Americanism in less than a decade. What a retard.
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