The Itinerant Poetry Librarian.

Sara of the Itinerant Poetry Librarian blog thought that the world needs a traveling librarian of lost and forgotten poetry, so one day she ditched most of her belongings and traveled to more than 10 countries to spread poetry.

She wrote:

... as someone interested in freedom of speech, words and access to knowledge for all, and with a personal interest in poetry and preserving our shared collective cultural heritage, I decided it was time to make this a reality.

So you know what I did? I got rid of my belongings and became the world's first travelling library of lost & forgotten poetry. I got rid of my belongings because most of them wouldn't fit into my rucksack along with the library, not entirely because I am some mad anti-consumer, though that does help now that I've been existing as a fully operational free public lending library for nearly a year now and don't have local taxpayers ensuring my existence through their tax dollars.

I buy very little because my library is free and to keep on doing it I need to er, like, not spend anything. So. I couchsurf, eat from bins or the food ppl give me, and continue to take the library around the world. I'm on the 10th country and 14th city so far. It turns out the world _does_ need a free travelling library of lost & forgotten poetry as we've over 300 members and counting so far. If you can find us, you should come join!

Here's her blog: Link - Thanks Sara!

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