LifeSize Mousetrap by Mark Perez

Life Size Mouse Trap is a life-sized version of the Rube Goldbergian Mousetrap game, made by Mark Perez.

The Mousetrap is impressive as a static sculpture but it is the motion, started by a human that is the heart of its existence. A hand starts the TRAP with a crank of the CRANK to set to spin two large wooden gears. Which in turn, turns the belt which rotates the hoist to lower the bowlingball that pulls the rope which spins the STOP SIGN until it slips past 12 and falls
to tug the rope attached to the end of the sledge hammer causing it to swing down striking the coil spring trigger releasing the drawn back leaf spring which pulls the cable attached to the end of the giant HAMMER whipping it into the heel of the BOOT (which is attached to the 16 foot tall FLAME THROWING LAMP POST) sending it ....

(You get the idea! It ends by releasing a two-ton bank safe! It was displayed in the Maker Faire 2007)

Link - Thanks Stephie!

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i hated this game as a child! i never quite got it. then i made setting up the extremely complicated [for a 6 year old] gameboard the game itself. then it was fun.
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