VideoSift: Comedians.

We've featured VideoSift's comedy channel before, but there's so many new video clips there we have to do it again!

Here's a public service announcement on "How Not To Get Your Ass Kicked by the Police" from one of my favorite comedians, Chris Rock.

Link (strong language)

Here's a comedian you've never seen: Tommy Cooper, a comedian/magician with his own unique brand of zingers and magic tricks that he just doesn't seem to get quite right ...

Staying with the one-liner theme, here's Steven Wright and his random, deadpanned one-liners.

Link | His debut on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and a classic clip.

Like that? Also check out Mitch Hedberg: Link

From Ricky Gervais, who apparently has the perfect face for comedy, on how NOT to chat up a girl.

Conan O'Brien playing baseball as it is played in 1864, and trying to pick up girls. Priceless!


For more the web's most interesting videos, check out: VideoSift.

jonno beat me to it in the above comment.
Dunno about the U.S. but he is a legend in England. One of the best.
He's not to everyones taste but check these quotes. Great stuff.
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Tommy Cooper was a god. Here's a great sketch that no-one else seems to remember, and sadly I can't find video of:

Tommy knocks on a front door and a woman answers. He says, "Is Jack there?"
She looks down and solemny replies, "Jack died last night".
Tommy pauses, looking confused, and finally says, "Did he say anything about a can of paint?"
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I was about to add to the "never heard of Tommy Cooper" complaints. He really is incredibly well known in the right circles. Here in England, you'll probably struggle to find anyone who hasn't heard of him. Elsewhere, if you're serious about comedy, you'll know him.

Brilliant man,
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I'm live Norway and I think everyone here pretty much knows who Tommy Cooper was too. He was never much on tv here but that doesn't mean that he wasn't known. Like they don't show Jay Leno on tv here either, but he is still a household name.
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