Easy Hydrogen Power from Water.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed an aluminum alloy that creates Hydrogen when mixed with water. This could be a breakthrough in the quest to turn Hydrogen into an economical and viable fuel since, prior to this discovery, isolating Hydrogen required a significant amount of energy.

More details available in Purdue's press release.

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Hey Neato,

Lets not forget the millions of tons of toxic crap that comes out of every diesel engine on this planet. More toxic than petrol.

And of course all the inventors who have disapeared or silenced in the name of cheap renewable energy.

They had an alloy doing producing this reaction in 1957.

Of course, they didnt want to stop selling oil... so it disapeared.
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We used to mix aluminum foil with drain cleaner to make hydrogen gas, then fill balloons with it and make explosions in the sky. And as far as aluminum goes, it is the most abundant metal in the Earth's crust. Of course, it still is'nt a renewable fuel source.
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Let us not forget that one of the by-products of burning hydrogen is the controversial chemical dihydrogen monoxide, or DHMO. Learn more about this scary chemical at: http://www.dhmo.org/
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If you read the article closely, you will see that the system is basically "burning" (i.e., oxidizing) aluminum as fuel. Is aluminum cheaper than gasoline?

No, JJ, as you should have learned in Chemistry 101, burning hydrogen produces hydrogen oxide, better known as water. The combustion can produces some nitrates, which will have to be scrubbed with a catalytic converter.
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