The World Fatness Chart.

This chart was created by blogger Wellington Grey, it's based on recent obesity statistics. A larger version of the chart can be viewed here. As seen on Japan Probe.

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this chart it used every where. i did a google search and most of them had this chart, though i do belive it's a little off. There's are so many countries missing.

yeah. whatever.
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Heres a random theory on why americans are fat:
1. Excersise - we drive EVERYWHERE and barely walk anymore.
2. Heathy food is "too" expensive. want to eat right? expect to pay 3-4 times as much for anything considered "heathy". blueberries used to be the same price as any other fruit. Now that scientists say they're full of "anti-thisnthat" they cost 4 times as much. Mcdonalds on the!
3. Less disease/infection = Heathier systems = more weightgain. Sure.. you don't have harmful parasites living in your gut...but less mouths to feed, mean more calories for you!
4. "purified" foods. WE've taken all the "nonsense" like fiber, and other neccicary undigestables out of food so we get maxiumum bang4buck.
5. Cornsyrup and flour. Good luck avoiding these food fillers. They're in EVERYTHING. I sometimes wonder what % of my daily intake is corn syrup or Flour.
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Well, I'd be thinking it would be difficult to be obese in countries in Africa? o.o General lack of transportation other than by foot, malnutrition and undernutrition.

Probably the third world countries didn't make it.
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