Nasal Irrigation.

Nasal irrigation is as gross looking as it sounds. Here's Drew of Toothpaste for Dinner (he also made the very funny website Married to the Sea we've featured on Neatorama before) irrigating his nasal passages.

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - Thanks Christopher Kohl!

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Hah, I think the best part of that was the music.

By the way, I have been visiting Toothpaste for Dinner for years, and you know how you sometimes envision a person just by looking at their art or hearing their music or something? Yeah, I definitely did not envision Drew looking anything like that - it was a bit disconcerting.
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besides the ingredients, he's doing it wrong. you're supposed to do it bent over so the water goes into your upper sinuses and gets out all the deep, nasty, impacted mucous. it works great for sinus infections but you should do it only when you absolutely need to, like when you have a bad sinus infection. otherwise you wash out the protective layer of mucous and expose yourself to germs and will almost definitely get sick.
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