'Kryptonite' Discovered In Serbia.

Scientists have discovered a previously unknown type of mineral that have a composition similar to that of kryptonite, as described in the film Superman Returns.

The large green crystals of kryptonite have a devasting affect on the superhero. However, unlike its famous counterpart, the new mineral is white, powdery and not radioactive. And, rather than coming from outer space, the real kryptonite was found in Serbia.

'Towards the end of my research,' says Dr Stanley, 'I searched the web using the mineral's chemical formula, sodium lithium boron silicate hydroxide , and was amazed to discover that same scientific name written on a case of rock containing kryptonite stolen by Lex Luther from a museum in the film Superman Returns'.

'The new mineral does not contain fluorine and is white rather than green, but in all other respects the chemistry matches that for the rock containing kryptonite.
Link -via Random Citation

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So, somebody making a prop for a movie guessed at the chemical compound for this.

What I find startling is that the new mineral does not contain fluorine.

And, yes, L.B., there is a Superman. He lives inside every one of us.
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I have trouble with this whole situation because the defining characteristic of kryptonite is that it weakens Superman. The problem being, there is no Superman. It's like saying you have black without white to serve as the counterpoint.
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