The World's Silliest USB Device?

The Mouse Jiggler has to be one of the strangest USB devices with a real purpose (as opposed to the Sushi USB Drives. It does exactly what the name states - when plugged in it jiggles your mouse around.

Why? Either to make sure your screen saver doesn't come on, or as a practical joke (depending on which mode you select). It was originally marketed towards security professionals and forensics experts who needed to ensure a laptop wouldn't go into a password-protected screen saver mode while they were away.

Link via BoredStop

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Silly? No.

Many work sites, including mine, will lock out the computer after 15 minutes of inactivity (as a security precaution). And the users have no administrative privilege to disable this.

Which is no problem,,, just type in your password again.

However, if I bring my laptop home, and wanna watch a movie on it, I have to move the mouse every couple of minutes to it doesn't go into sleep mode. It's annoying.
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The computers in the labs at my school log off after 10-15 minutes of inactivity. I found a program that I could download and run off my USB to move the mouse every five minutes, so I don't lose all my work just because I went to ask the teacher a question.
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Can we please clarify that it moves your mouse pointer around on the screen? Correct? I mean...there's no motor in a mouse itself to allow it to move autono"mouse"ly (heh). Unless it was one of those vibrating force-feedback ones. Hmm.
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Oh yeah, check this out,
my co-worker made it and used it while i was working,
it actually makes circles...
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