What is It? Game 20

Our collaboration with What is It? Blog today is this object. Can you guess what it is? Check out What is It? for more clues ...

Place your guess in the comment section - post no URL, let others play, please. No prize this week (Congrats to SarahS, who won last week's game)

Update 4/20/07: The answer is:

Years ago some fences weren't made very well, and if you had an ornery bull or cow that kept getting out, they were made to wear an animal poke. It's difficult for them to climb or graze through a fence while wearing one of these around their neck. These are also used to stop horses from jumping over fences.

Lookd like no one got it right, although as usual Randall came up with a very creative answer!

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It's a combination Squeegee/slingshot. Homeless people can take it up to cars, asking "Can I clean your windows for a quarter?" If the driver refuses, the homeless guy just loads a rock into the slingshot portion and asks his question again. If he's refused a second time... Well, no one's cleaning that window now! Hah!
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Its a Corbling mallet. In some New England states it was called a Blemble hammer, but they did this just to be obstinate. It was used to knock crimples off gnomp blocks and to bruise the exposed shimths. This work was so monotonus that machines invented to replace humans doing this work would rust away within a few months. The entire industry collapsed when it was found that shimth butter not only has no nutritional value but is mildly toxic.
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