Linux on a TV Set?

Someone tell me: Is it possible to install and run Linux on a TV set? Here's a video of two guys doing just that (Or is it just an elaborate joke?)

Hit play or go to Link [Metacafe] - Thanks zloyshaman!

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I third that, fake.

No older TV OSD will give you CGA/VGA 80x24 8x8 or 8x16 font text ouptut, which this output looks too similar too. If it were displaying larger characters say at 20x14, then I would believe it.
I doubt they hacked a custom font just for the purpose.

A google search:
[TV microcontroller "on screen display" resolution]
seems to confirm this.

If they did something like the "linux on obsolete displays" project, then they added their own custom hardware and hacked it into the TV, which is probably more likely.
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I call fake also. A tv that age would likely have a Z-80 for a cpu which runs at best 8mhz. The bootup is more like that of a 3ghz PC, not a slower processor. A 200mhz machine would have spent several minutes before he could have even logged in.

And hes doing all that on a slow 8-bit processor?
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I think it's a fake . Too fast to make the whole thing and sincerely , i found some incongruences when he plays tetris at the end between the button he pushes on the remote and the movement of the block on the screen . Als the fact the he uses the remote is strange ... They should have developed some kind of software or modulo to map the remote as a keyboard but they don't even mention it . So many things sayin' it's a fake...
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