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Desktop Tower Defense Strategies.

Tired of losing at Desktop Tower Defense? Here are the various winning strategies (they are brilliant! I am so going to try 'em ...)

Jamo's strategy: Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via Waxy

100 Level Challenge: Link [YouTube]

The "Mutant 4" strategy: Link [YouTube], and more on YouTube: Link

Wow, that's pretty impressive. I saw this on digg the other night and played for a couple hours. VERY addictive. I beat the easy/normal levels with something similar to #2, but couldn't get past level 50 on the challenge. I'd be interested to see a video of someone beating it.
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Thanks for linking to one of my videos! I did two follow -ups that use superior layouts (IMO)
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Been playing for the past 30 hours... This game starts to get ridiculous at lvl 75 in challenge mode. The creeps simply have too much health to kill, and I've decided it is impossible to beat the challenge mode... Farthest I've gotten thus far is 80 with a bit of juggling towards the end...
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Yea, hard is easy compared to challenge 100 levels.
Its insane past lvls 70-80
Been trying to beat it like a million times with different mazes. Someone gimme an instructions to a winnin maze so i can continue on with my life 8I
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Some of the better strats involve having a false way to go and you get one set of creeps to go all the way down on path, then cut the path off and force them back the way they came.
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@Blessman: that's called juggling. Some people are very good at it, others frown upon it and only want to complete the levels completely without juggling. Personally, I see the power of the trick, but I don't like it.
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Here's one I just made for Desktop 1.5.

Desktop Tower Defense 1.5, Hard 9796 Score, 0 Lives Lost

As of this posting it'll get you on the daily high score leaderboards. This one has juggling.
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Also, here's one where someone beat the 100 level challenge. (Desktop 1.5)

Desktop Tower Defense - The 100 Challenge BEAT - 17,333 pts
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To beat the 100 (without 10,000 gold start) you really need a three path maze to juggle enemies through. Secret is the upgrade order of your anti-air, which should get the most priority since you can bounce the ground guys back and forth all day. Final hint: you will need to employ snap towers starting from level 77 or 85 on to beat all the flyers and about four snap towers on level 98 to kill off enough of the flyers to survive.
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