Burger King Kids Club.

Were you a kid in the early 90s? Then chances are, you'll remember this: the multi-ethnic Burger King Kids Club.

The members of the gang were:

* Boomer, a sports loving tomboy with red hair;
* I.Q., male nerd who wore red glasses, a green lab coat, and a pocket protector;
* Jaws, A tall African-American male with an insatiable appetite;
* J.D., a dog and the group's mascot;
* Kid Vid, a male who loves video games and technology (leader of the group);
* Lingo, an multi-lingual, Hispanic male who likes art and carried an easel;
* Snaps, a blonde female who always carries her camera;
* Wheels, a parapalegic male in a wheelchair.

After several years a new female character was added to the group:

* Jazz, an Asian girl who loves music and sports a beret.

Links: Video at Buzznet | Wikipedia entry

Was this a TV show? 'Cause Burger King still has a a Kid's Club of sorts. My daughter registered several months ago, then forgot about it. Last week, they sent her a free meal for her birthday!
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Off subject but did anyone else notice that the Power Rangers consisted of:
Yellow Ranger - an Asian
Black Ranger - an African American
Pink Ranger - the only other girl
plus white dudes.
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Early 90's nothing. This crew is still very much around. Though they seldom show up in commercials, they still festoon the Kids Club mailers and kids meal sacks from time to time.
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OMG i remember these guys my fave was lingo! he was so cute to me back then. hey i dont remember Jazz though if anyone has a pic of her or something plz post it cuz i really wanna see! thanx!
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You are not alone. The burgering king gang existed when I was a kid too and I had the biggest crush on Jaws LOL My other frineds had crushes on Kid Vid and Lingo. We thought they were soooo hot back then. Now taht we look back, we laugh at ourselves LOL!!!!!! Did anyone else have a crush?
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