Penguin on a Treadmill.

To add to our growing collection of “animals on treadmills” videos, here is a penguin on a treadmill. It may seem cruel, but it’s part of a legitimate experiment. Scientists at Birmingham University in England are studying penguins in the wild to see if they are undergoing increased stress do to global warming. Fifty penguins on the Crozet Islands, in the southern Indian Ocean were fitted with monitors to measure heart rate, breathing rate, and body temperature. Ten penguins in captivity are being used as control subjects, to study normal penguin metabolism. The scientists hope to determine whether the Crozet Island penguins are having to expend extra energy by traveling further than normal to find food. Push play or go to YouTube. Link to article. -via Arbroath

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The operative words being..."This may seem CRUEL, BUT..."

No "but"s about it...this is cruel any way you look at it!!!!!!

How can anyone justify putting a wild animal through this kind of torture????

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Well, Gellner, I have my tredmil in one of my spare rooms that's harldy big enough to fit the machine.

It's not so bad. Does get a little warm in there, though.
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I'm going to be honest even with the explanation of studying penguins to see if global warming is stressing them, this still seems cruel. I want to see a scientist in a box barely bigger than himself walking on a treadmill!
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