Darwin Monkey Business

"Anis del Mono" was (and still is today) a well known brand of anisette in Spain. The name translates to "Monkey Anisette."

When Darwin came out with his (now proven) theory of evolution, the whole world made him to be a fool because he said that man and monkey share a common ancestor. Anis del Mono company owners, who apparently believed in the traditional views of things, changed the cute monkey in the original logo to a caricature of Charles Darwin. That modified logo remains until today.

Here's a larger image of the rebranded label.

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Sorry, but I said in the post that evolution is considered a fact by actual science and not in those times. Do you really think that scientific knowledge is a political or religion belief?
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"I just gotta say, I love how none of these comments have anything to do with the booze being advertised."

It just shows how completely asinine and tone deaf some of the authors here at Neatorama can be.

What could have been an interesting and historically curious post was sidelined by yayo's amateurish attempt at politicizing the post.

And I'm the guy who has spent the entire thread trying to offer a semi-articulate defense of evolution and science.

Careless posts like this, and the ignorant, overly reactive magical thinkers they enrage make my daily internet fix a lot more stressful.
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"Only that Mitochondrial DNA doesn’t serve any purpose in cellular processes and it is theorized to be a four billion year left over from early single-cell evolution."

Mitochondrial DNA does have function - mutations in mitochondrial DNA lead to several diseases such as Kearns-Sayre Syndrome.
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T-Rex eat vegs? My dog eaten them the whole life! he felt better eating those (only one species of grass). He died old and omnivorous as any other home dog. But a dog is omnivorous because of it's relation with the man. The original wolves remain carnivorous.

That femur is not human. I'm not a biologist but it's clearly not human because it's a fab haha:

I can't tell you a word about IMAX history because it's clear that there's a wrong word in the begining: "Censorship"

Polystrate fossils are singularities among the whole fossil record. The same way as a single dinosaur being fossilized from the billions and billions ever on earth is a singularity, there must be some environment conditions for it to happen. The fossil record is uncomplete because of that... I mean that you can't take as the truth that some hand put those bones in stone and scattered them around because... It's a tale and not a reason ^^

And I'll stop reading those fairy tales because it's ten past mid night and I wake up at 6 ^^
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