VideoSift: Did That Just Happen?

Today's Friday, so it's VideoSift time! Let's check out a collective called "Did That Just Happen?" This selection of clips promises

"Videos that cause your jaw to hit the floor, clips you have to watch over and over due to disbelief, people displaying skill or talent you previously thought unattainable, footage that surely shouldn't exist."


This Japanese dance group u-min can really do the robot. They're so good that it's more likely that they're actually robots masquerading as humans...


The escalators in the Angel Station, London - the longest escalators in Europe - proved to be too great a temptation for this urban skier. See him ski down the "slopes"


This is the sort of guy that will speed up to beat the train crossing. He probably thought he could make it across before this road block pops back up.

He thought wrong - see what happened next: Link

This has got to be one of the most remarkable saves in hockey history!


Here's a compilation of neat car driving tricks, including changing a tire while the car is in motion ... with a Hyundai no less! The video is long ... fast forward to mark 6:27.


For more the web's most interesting videos, check out: VideoSift.

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