Future by Design.

Here's a trailer for Future by Design, a film by director William Gazecki about the vision of Jacque Fresco. Jacque wants to build fantastic new cities from the ground up (or in the sea), complete with flying cars and maglev trains.

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] | Future by Design Website - via The Bad Rant

See also: The Venus Project by Jacque Fresco, previously on Neatorama.

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As I acknowledged in the first place, the guy designs beautiful stuff, especially the vehicles, furniture and residencies; but planned utopias just don't work.

Le Corbusier's “Ville Contemporaine” looks like a nightmare to me. An unreal utopian dream that, wherever actually built history proves turns into a dystopia of ghettos, or of empty shells that no-one wants to live in.
Wiki or Google Brasilia, for one famous example of a planned city that looks quite beautiful but is really only populated by Brazil's civil servants because nobody else wants or needs to live there.

The outskirts of Paris itself are an example of government-planned, low-cost, low-rent high rise ghettos, now serving as breeding grounds for Islamist gangs.
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Becki, despite the fact that you don't like it - and I think you are overreacting in your comment -, you could admit that Le Corbusier was right with his vision of future cities when he proposed "Ville Contemporaine" in 1922. You can see that most of our modern cities looklike what he proposed.

Please refer to your link in Wikipedia to see it.
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The more he opens his mouth the less I want to hear. He designs beautifully on a small, human scale, but on larger scales he's no better than "Le Corbusier", and his dreadful, disastrous "projects"-like "Contemporary City" and other visions of utopia.
Guys like this should stick to harmless stuff like furniture or individual residencies or buildings. They're not visionary, they're utopian, with all the top-down, authoritarian nightmarish side-effects glossed over with pious, fatuous homage to "civilization".
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