"I am Not a Nazi" Swastika.

Here's an online gallery of "I'm not a Nazi" Swastika at Heathen World:

The Swastika has been in use by humans since prehistory. The word Swastika has its roots in Sanskrit, the language of ancient India, but the actual symbol is older. Swastikas have been found on vases, coins, and other artifacts all over the world. Various cultures that probably didn't communicate used swastikas or similar symbols independent of each other. The Swastika has been a Hindu symbol for thousands of years. ...

The Nazi use of the swastika has stained the symbol's reputation for a long damned time. Hitler's adoption of the swastika is logical when looked at in a historical context.

The gallery is very interesting: http://www.heathenworld.com/swastika/index.html - via Happy Ant

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There is actually no evidence for the Aryan invasion theory.

It is a theory which has Racist/nationalist origins and was heavily promoted by the NAZIS.

Genetically most Indians are the same people and have been for at least 10,000 years.
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The Origins of the Swastika. What do we know?

As stated above, it is an Indo-Aryan, Indo-Iranian or Indo- European symbol of religious and cultural significance. The swastika is deeply embedded in the life of modern India and even though their ancestors once revered this symbol together. The branching out of the Indo -European tribes resulted in the loss of this symbol to those tribes that came to be modern day Europeans. The Indo-Aryans held on to the swastika and is very important in their lives today. The symbol of the swastika is first depicted in the Ukraine as an art form on the ivory of a mammoth where it is carved in the Paleolithic Age 10,000 years ago. It was brought from the steppes of the Ukraine by the Indo-Aryans to India. Before in their migration routes and nomadic life, it played a significant role in sun worhip, religious life, horse sacrifices and on their pottery. Today, this remnant of a past nomadic life still resonates in the daily life of modern day India. The attempt by Blacks and Whites to further distort this religious symbol is illustrated by their false assumption that it originated from Egypt. This is so typical of the mindset when color and race blinds everyone. The swastika is an Indian symbol not an African one.
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I think anyone that tries to use the swastika as a peace symbol these days is horribly naive. And it can be a racist symbol - the Nazis weren't just after the Jews you know. Blacks, gypsies, homosexuals, Catholics...
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This is a building on a Navy base near San Diego. One has to wonder what the architects were thinking.

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Oh, and just for the record, the only way the Swastika could be seen as a racist symbol is if you believe that Judaism is a race rather than a religion. In which case you're an idiot, and may as well go hang out with the afore mentioned rednecks... Yes, I'm lumping skin heads and the Aryan nation into that redneck group too. Its meaning is power, not hate...
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