Monkey Brain Signal Controls Robot.

In 2000, professor Miguel Nicolelis of Duke University was able to "read" the brain activity of monkeys as they reach for small pieces of food. Nicolelis then sent the brain signals to control a robotic arm.

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] | BBC story - via Aramax

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They start with the prefrontal cortex - first recording from (and often thereby destroying) the more advanced parts of the brain first. Once the monkey is too dumb to learn complex tasks, they move on to more posterior parts of the brain, like those responsible for object recognition. Finally, once the cortex is mostly destroyed, they start recording from the deeper regions that are usually hard to access. At some point the monkey will lose the ability to swallow its own saliva, or to control its nervous system, at which point they acquire more monkeys.

It is a dirty, ugly secret of neuroscience, and the potential benefits are questionable - we can often learn similar things from harming much less advanced species.
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If the monkey is not suffering it can't be that cruel.

The cruelest thing you can do to wild life is to separate them from their natural habitat and everybody is doing it all over the globe.

It would be great if this kind of technology didn't exist at all but it does... so we better keep informed.

My girlfriend sais that they should take criminals instead of helpless monkey ( And they say im nuts ).
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yeah i though that. the poor monkey with exposed brain and wires all over, wonder if it lived afterwards...
i read Sony bought the rights to somehting like this about a year ago, i guess it cant be exactly the same tho. so perhaps PS4 will be mind controlled :) :s kinda scary , but cool
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notice how we never see the monkey's head with all its bloody wires protruding from his live brain...

Anyway, read the Terminal Man by Michael Chrichton...

!!Spoiler!! :
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