The "Inci-Dental" Tourist.

Don't have dental insurance? Need a root canal? Apparently, dental work is so cheap in China that you can get both a vacation and dental work for the same price or less. - via Miss Cellania.

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As an American living in China I know many people who come from the US to get dental work done here. One of my American friends got a full set of veneers on his top teeth for about US$300, and while I do not know how much it costs exactly in the US, I do know that it is several thousand dollars.

When I go in for basic work, such as filling cavaties and the like, the consultation costs about US$2, and each procedure is around US$5. I have never spent more that US$20 at the dentist here. Hell, my wife had her wisdom teeth taken out for less than US$50...
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Dental tourism was quite common in Taiwan when I was there in 2005. Evidently, dental work is expensive in Japan -- a two hour flight from Taiwan -- and quite inexpensive in Taiwan. Moreover Taiwan is a former Japanese colony, so Japanese is still widely spoken. Most Taiwan dentists, if not trained in the USA, are trained to our standards.
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When I was in bangkok last year, an older woman from hawaii was checking in at the hotel at the same time I was.

As she was signing her forms, she asked the clerk for the yellow pages so she could get the number of the dentist she used last year. She said it was cheaper than back home.
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