An Odd Little Blue Sea Slug.

This Glaucus Atlanticus (also known as a Blue Sea Slug) was photographed in a rock pool in New South Wales, Australia. They measure less than 2 inches long, float on their backs (this photo shows the slug's belly), and feed on small sea creatures and the deadly Portuguese Man o' War. Link [Flickr]

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I am doing a science project on the blue sea slug it is pretty has a gas like bubble that keeps it floating on the top of the water.It should be more discripted because you cant find much on it by itself
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The blue sea slug attaches itself to jellyfish and Hydrazoas like the Portuguese man of war. It feeds on its stinging tentacles and is immune to their sting. The smaller stinging cells get digested whilst the stronger stinging cells get transfered to the Nudibranch's extremities. Using the jellyfish or hydrozoa's stinging cells for its own defense.
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If you want to die a horrifying death... catch one of these... This little guy, which grows to be about 6 cm, makes his venom by eating Portuguese Man O' War jellyfish which are by themselves already very dangerous. They extract the venom made by these jellyfish and enhance it to an even worse and more dangerous venom... Now that is what I call recycling ;P
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