Selling Flies is Big Business.

Chinese college graduate Ai Baorong tried to find a normal job, but couldn't get one, so she decided to get into the fly business. Yes, the business of growing and selling housefly maggots!

Baorong has since started to breed houseflies. Each maggot contains 60% protein, 15% fat, but also has some vitamins, and its protein nutritional value is several times higher compared to animal protein.

After the cleansing, deodorization and dehydration processes, the concentrated protein can be used for the production of soy sauce and MSG - which makes it a product with great market value.

Presently, Ai Baorong's insect cultivation base has already achieved a monthly stock of 30 tons of live insects, with customers from Korea and the United Kingdom.

Spluch has the story: Link

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Not here in the States, Ali. But it's becoming rapidly unpopular, given all the bad reactions some people have to it. I know that if I have too much, it gives me blinding headaches and asthma attacks. And a very dear friend of mine is SO allergic to it, he goes into anaphylactic shock if there's so much as a trace of it in his food. So a lot of food companies and Asian restaurants are taking it out of their products. To which I say Thank Goodness!

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When they will create super bugs of ginormous proportions the animal activist will protest against such farming.

I wonder what they are thinking right now...
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"Selling Flies is Big Business."

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