"Basketball Girl" Got New Legs.

Today's collaboration with Cellar Image of the Day brings us this amazing story of Qian Hongyan:

The Chinese youngster's family was too poor to afford the sophisticated medical assistance that could have helped her to walk again when she lost her legs in a horrific accident in 2000 when she was just three years old.

But in an inspired move Qian's parents came up with the idea of sitting her on a basketball, which, with the aid of a couple of brushes that double as low-level crutches, enabled her to move herself by bouncing around.

She became highly mobile on her unconventional transporter and was able to travel independently between her home and the local school.

After years propelling herself along the ground, the youngster has been given the chance to walk again after she was taken under the wing of doctors who have fitted her with prosthetic legs.

Links: Story in The Scotsman

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Im glad the girl was able to find a place that gave her the chance to walk again. Even if she may not be able to control the legs, people out of the kindness of their hearts helped another person with no gain in thought most likely. If the entire world was like this we could solve so many problems. For anyone who blamed the parents: they most likely could not afford the procedure to help her or they would have, how heartless are you to think that someone would not care to try to help their child. For anyone who cracked jokes about this or for any posting a link to their own websites: this is not about you, or about your "thoughtful" way of bringing in jokes. This is about this girl, who now has been given a new lease possibly on life, even with her mobility before it was probably very dangerous and difficult. Now she may have a much more successful way to maneuver. I hope that this message is read by many, because many in the world still need to see that others are not gifted as we are to have laptops and money to go to college and loans for so many things. Live the life of the less fortunate, if you feel you can still joke, rant, or post a website, please disregard your own life as you surely have turned it into a husk of humanity, and i feel sorry for you.
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Well I've looked at this and there are a few of you that need to be in a accedent. Sometimes I can't believe how heartless some people are. I believe these
so called heartless people are more handicapped than the disabled, and I'm probable more able than these heartless B a s t e r d s. So go run a red light, or stop sign. or just do everyone a favor and jump off a cliff. From SHALLOW HAL Just call me Walt
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I Think This Is AN Amazing Story & Im So Happy She Got Legs To Lead A Normal Life!!

This Is Just One Thing In Our World That Has Had Happy Affect With No Other Meening That For Helping A Child In Need ...
I Hope.
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